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A new resource has been added: Task Status from DIRAUX this provides information updated on 24 Jun 2011 about requests made to DIRAUX.
The Calendar of Events has been updated for 2011.
Division Meetings have been announced and scheduled.

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Elected and Staff Officers who need to be accessible to the public have their email addresses published on the appropriate pages. AIRS guidelines prevents a general listing of division names and email addresses on the internet due to personnel security concerns. For more information regarding this policy, please see the information at the bottom of this page.

Fortunately for us the Auxiliary has provided us with a great tool that gives us access to the email addresses of other auxiliary members. The Auxiliary Electronic Directory lists the names and email addresses of auxiliary members nationwide. You can search by name, district, division, flotilla, office held through the quick search, standard search and advanced search features.

The Auxiliary Internet Resources Sites lists the following guidelines to address internet security concerns:

WEBSITE SECURITY ISSUES - In light of our ongoing national and member security concerns, webmasters should review their websites to be sure that they comply with the following requirements. Webmasters should use their judgment when dealing with postings that may effect national or member security.

(1) A general listing of member’s telephone numbers and addresses are not permitted. The Auxiliary Manual states that "As a matter of policy, rosters of member names, home addresses, and home telephone numbers shall NOT be made available to ANY external person or organization". When a personal telephone number needs to be used for a public contact point, a descriptive statement of the numbers purpose should be used in place of a name. (i.e. For Boating Course information, call XXX-XXXXX) When an address needs to be posted, use a unit name or officer title as the addressee, rather than a member’s name.

(2) A general listing of member e-mail addresses should be avoided. The email addresses for staff officers who need to be contacted by email, may be posted. We suggest obtaining the written approval of that officer before making the posting. It is also recommended that a generic address is used. (i.e. FC0920305@hotmail.com) This type of free email service is available from providers such as Hotmail.

(3) Do not post specific information relating to CG or Auxiliary Operations. This includes operational schedules, mission locations, or procedures. Use discretion when posting specific information relating to the schedule and location for unit meetings and events that do not involve public participation.

(4) Avoid posting information which compromises the security of our members. Webmasters should use their discretion. (i.e. If at all possible, avoid showing the civilian name, or registration numbers of AUX Facilities conducting on an operational mission.)

{Posted: 01 FEB 02 Source: DVC-IW}